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Tap & Toilet Repairs

Call the best, flush the rest.

We Repair and Replace Residential and Commercial Toilets. Give us a call if you have a toilet problem and would like an estimate for repair or replacement.

Our plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there are no overtime fees for after-hours service.

Toilet taps can usually be fixed, and the bowl and tank should endure for decades until they crack. If your toilet can’t be mended or you just want to upgrade, we have a variety of toilets in stock that can be Replaced Quickly.

We provide a variety of brands and options at different pricing points. Australian and American Standard is our Go-to Toilet Brand. Our toilets are also available in a variety of styles, colours, and water efficiency levels. Our plumbers can assist you in selecting the appropriate model for your house or company.

We can also help if you already have a toilet and just need it fitted. A plumber will visit your home to ensure that the plumbing is in good working order and that no replacement parts are required, after which they will charge a flat fee to install the toilet.

We are also able to repair and install new urinals for businesses in the Melbourne area. If you have a problem with a Commercial Urinal, we are here to help you 24×7.

We can assist with the following common issues in toilets including frequent clogs, water runs frequently, tap issues, water fills slowly, flush issues and water leaks, etc.

The majority of these problems are simple to fix and don’t take much time. If you are not interested in troubleshooting these issues, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

When you contact iPlumb Peninsula, you are contacting a team of professionals who are solely dedicated to providing excellent work and customer service.

We believe that plumbing work should be collaborative, and we always consider our customers’ preferences, needs, and budget when assisting them.

When we come to repair your toilet, we’ll only do what’s necessary and make recommendations based on what our plumbers believe is necessary for your plumbing to function properly.

Call us today to find out why so many people rely on us and come to us whenever they have a plumbing problem.


A gurgling toilet indicates that air is returning up through the toilet. This is a cause for concern and is usually caused by an obstruction in the sewage line, toilet trap, or vent stack, which allows sewer gases to escape. Whatever the problem, our staff can respond quickly to assess the situation before it worsens.
Call iPlumb Peninsula as soon as you notice water at the base of your toilet. A poor setting seal or gasket is the most common cause of this type of leak. In this situation, we’ll need to separate the toilet pan from the tank and the floor in order to install a new seal.
This is dependent on a number of elements; the trip lever, flapper, and fill valve are all activated each time you use the toilet. The flapper and fill valve, on the other hand, are the parts that are most exposed to water and will, in most situations, be the first to wear out.
The measurements we display for the toilet fill valve are taken from the inside bottom of the tank to the top of the fill valve. This measurement does not include the threaded water supply shank that fits through the bottom of the tank.


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- Jack Appel
Called Kris at midday to get the blocked sewerage system fixed. Within 15 minutes had confirmation that he had organized the drain blockage specialists and their machinery to come and fix. By 4pm that afternoon all was fixed and operating normally. Kris was quick to organize and follow up – excellent service.
- Ros

I have no hesitation in recommending Kris for his workmanship and excellent customer service. Kris pin point the probleams in 10 min and resolved it in no time. He is very obliging and responds immediately to requests. I will be happy to use the iPlumb Peninsula again. Highly Recommended.

- Amaryll Park
Kris was fantastic! We have an old house that had a loud knocking noise coming from the pipes in the walls, it would happen randomly, was very strange. Kris was able to pinpoint the problem within 10 minutes and have it sorted promptly. Very experienced and trustworthy. I highly recommend it!

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